Tuesday, September 6, 2011


During one of our recent mother/daughter chats, my Mom astutely observed: "it sounds like you're trying to beautify your life." This was in response to me telling her about some of my recent indulges: a new haircut, a trip to the spa, a closet clean-out. In fact, I think she made that comment right after I told her about a new realization I had: it's time I separated my socks from my underwear. I'm at that age when I think they each need their own drawer. You get the picture...

I also told her about picking up some fashion magazines, buying some new black flats for fall, and keeping my apartment clean and smelling good. She's right! I am trying to beautify my life. It all started with my new camera (!!!) which I got immediately after work on Friday. I managed to venture out quite a bit this weekend, giving my camera a few new places/events to capture but really, I spent many graceful hours in my apartment, nesting and beautifying.

I got camera happy once or twice:

Indulgence #2 (after the camera): black flats for fall from London Sole. I had no idea there was a London Sole store in San Francisco. I remember when it first opened on Montana Ave. in Santa Monica. These shoes were once all the rage, but then I somehow forgot about them. My friend and I had plans Friday night and she suggested we stop in to look at shoes for work. It's located on this charming street downtown called Maiden Lane. What's even more amazing is that it turned out that the women who helped me with my shoes grew up two houses down from me in Malibu! Small world: London Sole in San Francisco unites Malibu natives. Love it. I ended up buying the Harriet shoe in black, which we nicknamed "the spy."

We all know I had a sensational time in Santa Fe, but what I might not have mentioned was our trip to 10,000 Waves, a Japanese spa in the mountains. My first visit there was 6 (!!!) years ago and I've been dreaming of their scents ever since. Since the lotion and cleanser were far more than the 3 oz. restriction to bring in my carry-on, I had to order and have it shipped to me. Last week the duo finally arrived. The Yuzu scent is my favorite. Anyone who wants to lather their body in something that smells like a vacation, I suggest you indulge in the Yuzu!

My sister always buys me the best presents. On her and Alex's honeymoon to Tulum, she picked up this gorgeous fabric for me. I think it's a coaster, but you couldn't pay me to put a glass of anything on it. I simply have it sitting on a table so that I can look at it all the time. It's a souvenir that is both beautiful and meaningful. Maybe one day I'll get to visit Mexico with my sis.

Zara is a bit of a new obsession, although visiting on the weekend is kind of horrible. Luckily, I recently stopped in and didn't have to wait in any lines. Success! I came across this sweater which, although doesn't really fit into my color scheme (I'm more of a purples, pinks, and greens gal), it totally screamed out to me: Try me on! Take me home! (but pay first, obviously). It's what I did and I think I've worn it 5 times in one week. Thankfully it's machine washable. Yes, Zara!

Diptyque Baies candle. Need I say more? Beautify, beautify, beautify...I'm on a roll.

One of my Labor Day goals was to purchase a vintage leather purse that I can wear over-the-shoulder. I knew the truth: that the best place for me to find this would be on Haight Street. Not my favorite place to go (lots of tourists, lots of intensity), but I needed to bite the bullet. I tried a few weeks ago, but couldn't find parking and gave up. I was SO determined yesterday. After circling for a good ten minutes, I finally found a spot. I marched right into Wasteland and found these two gems hanging on the wall. I couldn't chose between them (they're similar but with delicate distinction) and since the price was right, I bought both!!! It's so satisfying to go somewhere with a mission and come home having carried it out. Another score!

Finally, I did it. I bought the September Issue. I was resisting for a while (even considered splitting it with a friend) but finally broke down and purchased. Who can resist that cover, Oh My! I also grabbed the Vanity Fair (Angelina article inside was hard to turn down) and the Elle (Gwyneth is SMOKIN' on the cover). Since it's nearing fall, I was inspired to buy some fashion magazines. Normally, I'm more of a New Yorker kinda gal, but who doesn't love pouring over hundreds and hundreds of pages of beautifully styled and curated fashion spreads.

Well that about does it for me. I probably won't be buying anything for a while! I just can't get out of that back-to-school mentality. Although I'm a working woman, I still crave that first day of school feel. Wearing something new, open to what's next and feeling ready to take anything on.

Ooop, it's nearing 8 a.m.! Better get to class ;) But first, beautify...


  1. A closet clean-out is on my to-do list along with yoga, new book research, more note writing, etc.etc.

  2. You're a little love ball of inspiration and optimism - I love it! I can't wait to see you so we can beautify some more with a delicious b-day dinner!

  3. sissy this is beautiful and cozy and i need more of it in my life! xoxo

  4. This is so inspiring. I need to do some of this myself. I especially love the spa idea, closet and drawer reorganization, and new candles. Beautiful freshening up!

  5. Love this whole post, but totally captivated by the separation of socks and underwear. What can I say, except that's a highly philosophical statement only Meg could make. xo

  6. i love this idea of beautifying your life...v. inspiring lady!

    and really what smells better than a Diptyque Baies candle??!


  7. What inspiration can I bring you from LALALALA