Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Last Minute Summer

Holding on to these last few days of summer.

Smelling every flower in bloom I can get my nose on. On my walks, I always sink my face into the jasmine that drapes over my neighbor's fence. Flower kiss.

Nothing says summer like sunshine and bikes in Dolores Park.

Hearing music outdoors. I'll listen to anyone who plays Little Feat's Willin' like this guy did.

Heirlooms at the farmer's market. I'll be sad to see these go...

But look what's coming our way! Hello apples. Apple picking. Apple pies. Apple crisp. Apple crumble. Apples galore. So much to look forward to. Maybe I'll make this:

Gourmet's Lattice Apple Pie with Mexican Brown Sugar. It's true. I'll miss this gorgeous season, but we mustn't forget: a goodbye to summer means a hello to fall. That works for me!


  1. Like distilled summer - maravillosa!

  2. OMG dreamy cozy summer love zone. And that recipe looks like perfection!

  3. Oh gosh these look perfect O_O! We barely got a summer here in england its fully autumn here now haha >_< xx

  4. delores park on a warm summer day? yes, please!

    i must say, however, that i'm pretty stoked to be in some real fall weather next week in SF! cannot wait to see you! xo