Wednesday, September 28, 2011

L.A. Treats

Monday was my birthday and to celebrate, Heather and Alex came up from L.A. to spend the whole weekend with me. Whenever they visit me, I get my L.A. fix. They bring the sunshine, great ideas and lots of inspiration. As usual, they also brought a few goodies with them. When we woke up Monday morning while drinking coffee, they showered me with the sweetest birthday gifts.

Bea shoes!

Clare Vivier la Pochette!

Bicycle light, patch kit and water bottle (special gift from Alex)!

and finally (most genius gift idea ever, by the way?) a subscription to French Vogue! Just think, every month, I'll have this waiting for me at my doorstep:

Best birthday ever!!! Thank you, Heather and Alex (and everyone else who celebrated with me, near and far)!


  1. Had the best time, Megan Taylor! Loved shopping for your as always! xoxo

  2. love all the gift you got! especially the bea shoes!

  3. oh man, you got good gifts!! umm, who on earth gave you the French Vogue subscription??? And can you please tell my husband that that's what I need next time he's searching for something? :)

  4. love love love that bag! (still holding out for the classic, though, myself). surb, i'm so glad you have a bike light! nice job, alex!

  5. The shoes are gorgeous! Such thoughtful are loved! Happy Birthday!

  6. Those are great gifts. What a wonderful birthday you had!

  7. Awesome gifts, lovely! You deserve them. : )
    So happy I got to celebrate your birthday with you!


  8. happy belated b-day!!! and yes, those are totally fantastic gifts. you have a good sissie for sure!!