Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On the (Foggy) Road

If you're heading out of town, why not do it in style? Sarah thought it would spice things up a bit to rent a red convertible for our journey to Bolinas. It was only a matter of time before "thought" became "reality" and soon enough, I was greeted by this as I walked out my door:

Ready in rojo for RCA beach!

There's so much more to see when the car has no hood. This is how the Golden Gate Bridge is meant to be seen!

The headlands in motion and the green gulch engulfed by...

...that's strange...this doesn't look like beach weather. Is that a rain drop?

Long stretches of highway 1, north of San Francisco, are often chilly and overcast in the morning. The best you can do is love it for its coziness and embrace the gray.

However, when the blue sky pops out, you remember where you are. Like Marianne Dashwood says in Ang Lee's 1995 film adaption of Sense and Sensibility: "There's some blue sky! Let us chase it." She then falls and sprains her ankle. We had none of that.

Much more sensible. The redwood trees always amaze me. Give me a day when I'm not in awe.

Bolinas bound! When we got lost, we came upon this street sign. Wouldn't it be lovely if all street signs looked like this. In LA, if Hollywood Blvd. had an emblem of holly and of wood.

Speeding (well not over the limit) past the trees. We thought we missed our turn, but really we were on the right track.

A mistaken turn into a driveway. Someone's yard was full of these flowers. I could sit in this field happily with a book and some tea.

Finally, we made it to the dirt parking lot! We brought some goodies, including this sourdough baguette. Maybe it was the fog, or the long drive behind us but something made me really want to play it like a flute. I whistled a happy tune, making music in the mist.

Sarah approaches the gate. Through the cow pasture, sharp right here, sharp left there, past the wave shaped rock formation, down the trail, along the cracks and we're almost there! We were ready to take the path, for the next leg of our journey.

More to come!


  1. That convertible hasn't seen the last of us.

  2. Oh, how lovely. I didn't know you played the baguette!

    (totes dad joke.)

  3. oh man i love this!!! sissy so beautiful and cute. but, i have to ask - where is the pic of you and KYLE?

  4. @Heather: there's still another post to come! I'm leaving you in anticipation, no?

  5. You're such a sky chaser. This is bad to look at while at work. Too much daydream fodder!

  6. Insane. Fully insane and amazing. The baguette flute? The headscarves? I am dying. Love, love, love. AND THOSE BLUE GLASSES *Alsups*! And of course, those two women!

  7. this is so special! loving the sense and sensibility quote. ; ) xoxo

  8. Okay, you playing the baguette like a flute is just too much. You're killing us here. I am so happy you had so much fun. You two are very cute. Maybe you should make a video about your adventures. And the line from Marianne Dashwood. Wonderful...Isn't life grand?

  9. So true -- how well I know that West Marin fog! Love the convertible idea; may have to replicate.

  10. Love you two! What a fantastic outing.