Monday, November 21, 2011

Summerless in the Winter

I think I'm in denial that winter is upon us. Didn't summer just begin? Forget the fall. My mind is on long days, vacation, camping, beach blankets, late al fresco dinners, rosé and sunshine. Where did it all go? First of all, my apartment is starting to get chilly. I'm not going to say it's arctic, but I've officially pulled out the LL Bean long underwear and smart wools. I could put the heater on, but there's the denial again. Once I turn that nob, I'm done for. Holiday party? I'm having trouble planning it.

Sounds like someone needs a dose of the Christmas spirit. Where is my deep embrace of the season? The one that comes every season, whether it's summer, winter, spring or fall? Oh, no! Am I a forever-summer addict? Is it wrong that I always want to be dressed like the woman in the photo above (photo from here) and that I wish all days were hot, lazy and endless?

Oh boy, this is sounding bad! Get a hold of yourself. This is November, almost December. The season of sweaters, hearths, Christmas movies, hot chocolate and coziness. I mean, seriously, the word COZY was not invented during the summer. I better conjure up some cozy images FAST so that I get in the mood. Maybe if there are any readers out there who are having trouble getting into the season, I can help inspire you too!

Holiday in a mug? A Christmas trip to Vermont a few years ago taught me that there's nothing better than a hot cider beverage to warm up the chilliest of nights. I can imagine sipping on Bon Appetit's spiced apple cider with rum whipped cream while a cranberry crisp bakes in the oven. Recipe here.

Or there is Martha Stewart's Warm Cider and Run punch. Recipe here. I can't decide which drink I'd rather take with me to sit by the fire. War of the rum ciders, it's ON.

Holiday outfits? Ever since Jeana posted this photo of cozy holiday sweaters I've haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I want to wrap up in all of them. A good sweater collection is essential to feeling cozy when it's cold out!

Holiday movies? Little Women is my favorite (although White Christmas is a close second). The relationship between the sisters and their parents is so loving and genuine. Also, Jo's connection to home and childhood? Gets me every time.

Holiday music? Think of the sounds of this glorious season: Bells ringing, Christmas trees rustling, feet shuffling through snow (depending on where you live of course). What about the music?! Ella Fitzgerald's jazz album, a Charlie Brown Christmas. This year it might be fun to see some Christmas music performed Or, if you're me, you'll be the performer! Little known fact: I'm in a choir! Our annual Christmas performance is soon. I'm so excited/nervous!

Holiday poetry? I haven't read many Christmas poems, but The Night Before Christmas, written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823, has to be the most famous of them all. I found this lovely excerpt from here.

See, that wasn't too hard! Letting this holiday season into my life isn't too much a burden given how cozy it can be. Soon, I'll be sad that it's over. Luckily, it's just beginning!


  1. YOU are cozy and this is a cozy post! I want holiday in a mug - maybe a hot toddy?

    I too need more sweaters in my life.

    My fave holiday movie is A Christmas Story!

  2. Dream Post! I can't wait to make some cider and watch Little Women!

  3. I must get my tickets for the concert stat!

  4. this post really works for me (as a summer person who somehow has ended up in a ridiculously cold place). love it!

  5. I can't wait for the holiday season. Your post really put me in the mood.

  6. Little Women is my favorite just somehow screams Christmas to me. Audrey and I watch it every year on Christmas's just so special and simple and perfect.

    and marmee...sigh...the mother I aspire to be.