Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All the Giving

We're somewhere in between my birthday and Christmas, yet somehow I've been showered with gifts. A gift can mean so many things: a dress you've been wanting, the new Nancy Meyers movie that's just out on DVD, a single homemade Gingersnap (thank you, Sarah), or a gesture. I love sweet gestures because, although they're not an object you can hold, they are an event frozen in time—often with the face of the one who adorned your space with kindness.

This past weekend, the choir that I am in had its holiday performance. We've been rehearsing like crazy and working so hard to get it just right. To me, it didn't even matter how we sounded, though. It mattered to me that I had so much fun up on stage. It felt good to hear all our hard work echoing off the walls of the church. Some of my favorite people showed up to support me, including my parents who drove all the way up from L.A. to hear me sing. It's hard not to feel like the happiest, luckiest person when this happens. I am so grateful to have such incredible friends and family.

So there is the gift of "showing up" and there is the gift of "giving." Here are a few lovely things I've been lucky enough to receive lately. These classy folks just blow my mind.

Beautiful soap from Heather and Alex...

as well as this gorgeous throw...

Look at all the pretty detail!

...and these charming place-mats. Sometimes when Heather and I give each other gifts, we say that the present looks like one of us. I think the place mats look like me and the throw looks like Heather.

A sweet card from Jennifer...

A belated birthday card from Jessica...

Three perfect roses from Sarah, she gave to me after my Saturday performance. I put them by my bed, where I can smell these beauties when I wake up in the morning and at night, while I sleep.

The holidays are upon us! What would you like to give/get?


  1. That rose says it all Meg. It's the small gestures of family and friends that mean so much, and I'm always so touched by the kindness of strangers. It reaffirms my faith in the season and the world.

  2. you look like those place mats.... except you are anything but flat. in form or personality! xo

  3. Those roses look so much prettier than I ever dreamed! So glad you're loving them. I think friends are the best gift of all, don't you?!

  4. those gifts are lovely!

    if i can give or receive something handmade with care that is the greatest gift.

  5. Love the SJ roses! All I want is my sissy!

  6. I love all those gifts. One of my favorite gifts is vintage cookbooks, hint, hint!

  7. @ Wild: Yes, the rose says it all!

    @ Sarah: I agree - friends are the best gift!

    @ Mom: thanks for the hint ;)