Friday, December 9, 2011

A Seaside Array

I know it might not be the most timely thing, but sometimes I like to revisit things I did in real life but never blogged about. Remember this? Well I never did follow up on what happened with all of those sea objects. Part of the wait was intentional: I was holding off until local artist and friend Dave Wilson revealed the final product to the public. Now that he's put it up on his blog, I feel it's safe to share some goodies from that wonderful day at RCA beach in Bolinas.

Before we arrived, the actual event was full of mystery and suspense. I knew something about a stop motion film project. I knew something about a giant tripod (that he built with KC Bull). I knew something about objects on the beach that we would find, collect and use as part of this project full of mystery and suspense. As part of a collaborative effort, I was delighted to be a player.

Oh (and most poignantly) I knew that this group was coming together to acknowledge the recent devastation of Japan and to honor their healing. This sign says: "We think of you."

After foraging various sea objects, we gathered under a perfectly constructed tripod, arranging our findings among the wooden frame.

Each half a minute or so, we sat back to let the camera capture the latest creation.

We'd then go back to create some more.

The objective became something meditative and intentional: to use objects to make shapes with the intention that one day (with a little help from a camera and some editing) they would move. Items, though still and inanimate, have the potential to come alive and take flight. How lovely!

You get the idea. Clearly, I was excited about it then and I'm excited about it now.

Playful and curious, it was like being in the sandbox again.

And there was music!

Me, with artist Kyle Field. We sang Grateful Dead songs from our driftwood seats.

Heading home. Those aren't my dreads...but I wish they were my boots. Thanks, Dave, for including me in this thoughtful and lovely project. xo


  1. So happy you blogged about this! This is definitely an experience that you should treasure and I am so glad you shared it!

  2. Aw, I love David and Jesse! Wish I could have been there for this... looks like it was amazing :)