Thursday, December 29, 2011

Visions of Home

Even though I'm back at work, I'm treating this week between Christmas and New Years like a vacation. Why not? The San Francisco sky is crisp, the traffic is almost non-existent, and another holiday weekend is approaching. Sure I'm still rocking the 9-5, but there's a way to have it all now isn't there? I made sure to schedule lots of nourishing activities pre- and post-work (yoga, soup date with a friend, baking date with a friend, Audrey Hepburn marathon, sushi dinners, leisurely strolling the aisles of my favorite grocery store, a civilized–and solo–glass of wine at Tartine while flipping through the New Yorker).

I must admit, I slightly dreaded this week. It was the first time I'd ever officially worked between the holidays. Suddenly in the thick of it, however, I had no idea how much I would enjoy this quiet time in the city. Maybe my current calm and positive frame of mind was shaped by my cozy and loving trip down to L.A., where family and friend time was plentiful, food was comforting and the hot SoCal sun warmed my heart. Even though my family isn't with me this week, I still feel their closeness and the magic that we created together during this holiday season:

The Christmas dinner table at Heather and Alex's.

Pitted dates sizzling on the stove top: the key ingredient to Lumberjack Cake.

An early morning table, kissed by the sun.

My Mom's famous Gingerbread Men.

Sweet Iroha bringing laughter and smiles to Christmas Eve dinner.

All my favorite people in a row, together in one room.


Trying to live in the moment, while visions of home dance in my head.


  1. LOVE this sissy. makes me feel so coz!

  2. This brought a couple of are so gifted at expressing your feelings, and mine as well (!) regarding family time with you. It was a wonderful Christmas and your beautiful writing keeps it alive for me.

  3. I need a FULL lumberjack cake report. Did you pair with maple walnut ice cream? Did everyone swoon like we did at frances?

  4. Megan, you are a delight; finding the best in everything.

  5. Happy New Year, Megan! I have loved getting to know you through your blog....

  6. this is a coze-fest. the colors of heather's kitchen. and the gingerbread men! too much. plus those sung's have really gotten a run for their money!

  7. Thank you everyone for these sweet thoughts! Hope this new year is the best (I think it will be!) xo

  8. I love your writing (the pics are beautiful, too). When are you going to publish a book/ collection of poems/ etc? (I'd totally buy it!)

    I always come away from your blog feeling inspired. You Taylors are talented gals.

    Happy New Year!