Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deal in Dreamers

Good morning...or is it? I mean, I don't think I slept last night. I tossed, I turned, I tossed and more of that. I know I slept a little bit because I had two horrific nightmares: in the first, I got bitten by a snake and in the second, my hands turned into snakes (Hey, everyone, take a wild guess at what I'm most afraid of). Both horrors caused me to wake with a jolt. Then, when the trash and recycling pick-up comes around 5 a.m., the hope of sleep is done for. When I woke up this morning, let's just say I was a wee bit on the grumpy side.

Coffee didn't make it better. My pine scented candle didn't calm my bummer mood. Steve Inskeep's comforting voice didn't do squat. Just when I thought I was hanging on by a thread, I made one last attempt at making myself feel cozy again: Joni Mitchell. Would listening to "Court and Spark" cheer me up? The answer is yes or yes-ish. I'm still half-asleep, but at least my most recent thoughts are of wonderful Joni (as opposed to snake hands). Wonderful Joni, wonderful Joni, wonderful Joni...

Tell me, sweet empathetic loving readers, what do you do to cure those mornings when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?

Joni photo from here.


  1. on those wrong side of the bed mornings i usually treat myself to a yummy breakfast. even if it's just a little breakfast sandwich from my favorite spot and a good cup of tea, it somehow makes me feel better.

    i hope you get some sleep tonight sissy!!!! xo

  2. a gentle walk around the neighborhood and a giant cup of coffee! love you sissy

  3. I think about forthcoming fun dinner dates.

  4. If I can't stay in, I don't really have a good remedy. Just gut it out during the day. If I can stay in, I get all cozy and read, go to sleep early, and hope to wake up on the right side of the bed.

  5. I make my coffee and look at a cozy magazine. I have a big pile that always includes my favorites. I start a list for the day and try to include activities that will make me happy. Plan a fun day and night and look forward to that. And listening to Joni Mitchell, what a great idea!

  6. And of course a morning yoga class is always good for re-centering oneself after one of those nights.....