Monday, January 30, 2012

Fairfax Finds

A few weeks ago, my sweet friend Caitlyn was visiting the Bay Area. She usually stays with her wonderful brother and his wife and their adorable kids in Marin. It's become a little tradition that I head up North to spend the day with all of them and I can't imagine a more loving environment. After years of doing this, I've come to really treasure those visits with Caitlyn and her darling family.

Speaking of treasures, this past time, Caitlyn and I went in search of a flea market in Fairfax and found Beach House. It's more of a shop with a giant yard sale out front and in little huts around the property. Not so much a flea, but full of great finds.

This pitcher reminded me of the kinds of vases Holly Flora uses in their arrangements.

Cozy sweater.

Actually, when I saw this label I freaked out because I thought it said: "Cozy Dream Sweater." I couldn't get over it, but then I realized it said cream. I still read it as dream.

I like the Matisse-esque painting and the cowboy boots. Lots of peace signs filled this place.

Sometimes when browsing, it's less about the actual objects and more about the vignettes they create. As the browser, however, it's your job to pick out the object to create your own vignette. It's up to you to make your vision come true.

Something about this bed reminded me of a one hundred year old bedroom in a Tuscan Villa. I would have loved to tie it to the top of my car, but I have a bed. And that would have been impulsive to the max.

Returning home, I played with all of my new finds. I put flowers in the vase.

I imagined putting sugar in the jar, but since I don't really use sugar except for baking I'll have to come up with a use for this little guy. Any ideas? I already have a honey jar. I'm still trying to figure this one out...

Oh! My favorites: the Mexican bowls. Seriously, I love all the detail inside and around the edges.

Perfect for steamy brown rice or roasted root vegetables.

Well, for all you readers out there you know about my search for a new tea kettle, this saucepan has been my temporary fix. It reminds me of camping (le creuset style) and Anne of Green Gables. It's made my hunt for a kettle a little less urgent (although, between you and me, this one drips when I pour too, ha!). Oh, well. It's just SO cute. I couldn't resist.

What about you? Any recent finds at the flea? In the yard? Side of the street?


  1. cozy dream sweater! love that.
    i haven't visited the flea lately, but i did hit up a vintage show yesterday and bought the most amazing vintage black kimono with a peacock embroidered all over the back. it's exquisite!
    smooches. xo

  2. Sissy i love all of this including the cozy dream sweater and especially the mexican bowls. So good! xo

  3. I love the cozy dream sweater! And everything else!

  4. What a fun place to shop! Could you put mustard or jam or sea salt or something like that in the sugar bowl? It's awfully cute.

    I had intended to do some estate sale shopping this weekend, but didn't get around to it. Maybe I can sneak some in this week!

  5. i just found a hand woven stool at the local goodwill... love fairfax! especially scoop!

  6. Love those wandering/digging through sorts of days. So fun to get new finds and being them on home:)