Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sisters in Ojai

Before I dive deeply into the new year (which has been lovely thus far) I want to pay one last visit to 2011. The day after Christmas, Heather and I ventured up to Ojai to spend a crisp and clear 24 hours together. Given the 3-day weekend, we thought it made sense to extend the holiday into some special sister time.

Do you believe there are places that have magical powers?

Magic in the sense that one can be utterly transformed by a landscape...

...the smell of the flora and fauna...

...and the way the sunlight touches the earth.

The way mystery and sense are no different...

...because you never want to leave, even though once you leave, you leave feeling cleansed...


...nourished by the mountains and the trees...

...and color is so plentiful, you think you are a painter's paint, canvas and inspiration all at once. Yes, I'd say Ojai is a magical place and quite dear to me. Saying goodbye to Ojai wasn't sad, because in saying goodbye, I said hello to another year, with Ojai in my heart.


  1. Greetings again! I am still so pleased to have found your blog :)
    I definitely believe in genius loci, and that such memories and smells decorate our heart, to bring us later inspiration when we need to broaden our canvas to include more than what is directly before our eyes.
    Admittedly, I looked through some of my posts that I could post here for you to read about place, and the one I'd like to share now has to do with both food and place, so do stop by if you feel so inclined!

  2. beautiful!! When will the Taylor sisters love for one another become some sort of fun documentary I can watch on Netflix?? huh??

  3. This is so beautiful! I love how you expressed your feelings about this experience in Ojai. You are a wordsmith and an observer of nature and its effects on all of us. Loved this so much...

  4. What beautiful pix, Meg! -Jules (Chip's mum)

  5. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL and takes me right back to our magical time! I love you so much and can't wait for our next adventure. xo

  6. Ojai is a magical place, and it has been recognized as such, I believe.
    There is no place more restorative for me, than a visit there. You've captured the essence of it with your words and photos beautifully. Makes me want to jump in the car and get up there.