Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Little Bit

Every once in a while I get a little bit excited about fashion. It's definitely not a passion of mine, but it's so lovely to feel stylish. To appreciate the beauty of something that is worn, not just seen from a far or heard in the air, like music. To revel in the hem of a dress, or the seam of a stocking. To get dressed up.

Something beautiful worn on the body is like wearing a divine piece of art. When I'm feeling dreamy about fashion and imaging myself adorning a fantastic street look, I venture over to French Vogue where fashion flows endlessly. I came across these Nina Ricci looks and just about swooned. Feel free to swoon as well, possibly while listening to this song?

Oh, to indulge! I would LOVE to hear which looks are your favorites. Please feel free to share with me. I'll tell you now, the 3rd look might be my current fave, but it changes by the minute. Thoughts???


  1. If you mean the green outfit, I agree! Swoon-worthy for sure.

  2. I love those TEENY TINY mini skirts! Also: that lacy black dress with the puffed sleeves. It's not every day we get to dress up (in real life), but every day is a great chance to daydream about dressing up!

  3. I like the long green one the best - I'm not sure I'd wear something like it but it's got some interesting lines and shape...
    I don't like dressing up much which is funny because I once did time to did and my husband works for prada:) but I love to look at shape, color combinations for sure!

  4. totally in love with #3! so dreamy! french vogue is the best.

  5. They're all beautiful, and swoon worthy, and probably pretty unwearable.
    I do love the coat though in photo #3 and think it would look great with just about anything.

  6. @Everyone: the black dress in #4 is my new favorite. Actually, it was seeing Keira Knightly wearing it that inspired me to delve further into the Nina Ricci line. Anyway, loving the black dress. Also, the bustier in #5 is an inspiration. And is it me, or is the green dress in #4 kinda Downton? Or is it more Jane Austin? Thoughts??