Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Toe Dip and the Real Hip

You know what I don't have? An iPhone. I don't even have a smart phone. I have, what one day people will scratch their heads trying to remember the word for, a flip-phone. It's supremely inconvenient to have a "dumb" phone, but it's a way for me to remain unplugged a little longer before I completely give-in.

Aside from feeling anachronistically uncool, there is one thing about not having an iPhone that bums me out. I don't have the cool camera! Who would have known that a camera phone could be so awesome and serve so many purposes? Basically, I love, love, love (and covet) Hipstamatic. Luckily, I can benefit from the app once in a while because my friends, unlike me, are members of the planet Earth.

This past week one of my favorite humans on this planet Earth, Rachel, was visiting. She wanted to do all of my favorite things with me, wanted to come to exercise class with me, wanted to eat all the yummy SF food AND she took amazing photos with her "hip" app. I barely had to take any pics of my own because I knew hers would be the coolest. She captured the dreamy flowiness (made-up word, I know) of the weekend. The pics appear vintage, worn and ripe with discovery. I cherish them all.

Seashells from the seashore.

Coffee from Trouble.

Succulents in the greenhouse.

Sarah and me, calmly caffeinated (oxymoron, but nonetheless...).

It was so nice to have Rach in town. Not only does she make me belly laugh, but she really grounds me. She lives far away, but it's a long distance relationship that has no distance at all. Having her visit was an absolute treat and I feel so lucky that she ventured out to the West. During her time here I felt so calm, nourished and relaxed. All the feelings I had are completely sustainable, given that I still feel it all. Notice I've switched from hipstamatic to my own camera? I had to squeeze a few of these in.

Dipping our toes in the Pacific at Ocean Beach.

Another INSANE lunch at Outerlands.

The gorgeously curated General Store.

"Sunshine, daydream" is what I like to call this pic. By the way, thanks Sarah and Rach, for convincing me to buy the clogs! When I wear them, it feels like I've slipped love onto my feet. And they'll forever remind me of our toe dip in the Pacific!

Love you, Rach! Miss you already, xoxo


  1. I love that you had girlfriend time while we were having girlfriend time in ojai! the love and friendship is radiating through this post!

    miss you. : )


  2. I had brunch at outerlands this weekend. It was cloudy but perfect. Oh, and stay away from those smart phones! They will ruin you!

  3. can we be iphone-less together forever??? i don't think i ever want to be a member of planet earth!!! xo

  4. Oh Megan, you have made me feel whole again. I was just bemoaning the fact that I am iphone-less and feeling like the biggest loser. Then your blog came along.

  5. Oh, Margo, if my one accomplishment today was succeeding in making you feel not like a loser, then I'd say today was a good day. May we remain iPhone-less for life (or until we've completely broken down and done the deed). Lots of love, xo

  6. Ok, you guys had way too much fun! What a great experience! Very happy for you and you definitely do not need the i-phone! The only thing I do with mine is make calls, check email, way too often, and sometime google to get a phone number. I haven't even upgraded, though I will.

  7. it was (is) epic epic epic epic epic. xoxoxo

  8. this beautifully captures exactly the ways in which i feel about all three of you. How can friends make us feel like we're both on another planet and so firmly grounded in our true selves at the same time? I love you all!

  9. I confess I got the IPhone just for the hipstamatic app. I love it.
    But - I LOVE your clogs, and you can feel all the happiness through your photos and beautiful writing.

  10. I wish every day were sepia-toned and sand-washed...Sigh.

  11. gotta agree about having the "dumb" phone. it's nice to just disconnect... although i do have the ipod touch (whose camera isn't as great as the iphone).

    looks like you had a wonderfully sepia-toned adventure though!

  12. what a wonderful time with your friends. have an iphone...love it for photos, otherwise it's a giant time-suck! send me an email so i can give you details about that lake...i think you'd love it.

  13. Ah, having fun with your girls is so great isn't it! You guys look adorable.