Thursday, April 22, 2010

Operation Dark Oak - Day 1

As we speak, he is laying the hardwood. It started today, one day behind schedule. As my dad says, when it comes to construction there is always a speed-bump along the way. The first speed-bump came yesterday when the hardwood floor people didn't show. Silly me: at work all day, imagining them hard at work, making progress with something Architectural Digest worthy to present. It was a surefire blow when I unlocked my apartment after work to find the carpet still there. It looked like this...still:

After I called my landlady and got the scoop, I took at deep breath. And put on some episodes of 'The Wire' -- aka: saving grace in times like these. Alas, I awoke this morning to this:

And it wasn't a dream! Houston, we don't have a problem.

Operation dark oak has officially taken off. Upon ripping out the carpet, I was amazed at what it revealed underneath. I kind of loved the look of it, but am resisting attachment because it won't remain, be sanded or restored. Instead, brand new hardwood will rest atop what is there now and what has probably been there for decades. Poor wood, suffocated all these years only to be further suppressed. I'm not worried though. What goes down will be so much better than icky carpet. While the construction guy preps all the materials, I enjoy one last look at the remnants:

Contents under pressure: box contains wood slabs for which young and enthusiastic tenant has extremely high hopes. Don't disappoint...

Oh, phew. Relief: Shamrock premium. Gotta love the luck of the Irish.

Carpet hits the road!

Meanwhile, I've taken up residence in the east-facing apartment next to mine.

Again, trying not to get attached to the divine and heavenly morning sunlight. Knowing that temptations would be strong (who doesn't love a sunrise), I came to terms this morning that I'm a west facing kinda girl. These top-of-the-morning-to-ya golden rays are great and all, I mean, they're b-b-b-b-b-eyond, but I do love watching the sunset that the windows in my place offers me. It's fun, though, getting a chance to wake east for the week.

Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying living life as a vagabond. My things are strewn about, as is my mind. I just can't seem to focus on anything but my new floors. I'll get a life, someday. But for now I'm just home, sweet temporarily home.

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  1. The hardwoods will be beautiful. Only a one day delay!??? I belive that would put them ahead of schedule.