Thursday, April 15, 2010

To live! Lavender leaves - Part 2

On that rainy Saturday I went to the farmer's market specifically to pick up the dried lavender. While I expected temptation on the produce, cheese and bread front, I didn't expect to find lavender fresh. Lavender French.

I've never seen people drool so hard over one particular thing at the farmer's market. Tourists lined up to take photographs. Chefs lined up to investigate its edible goodness. Florists lined up to envision their next arrangement. Everyone took a double-take. I lined up and did all of the above.

Mostly, though, I planted my face (nose first) into its tiny petals. Knowing that in a few hours I would be taking my dog for a walk in a 3 hr-long sweat-fest of a yoga workshop, I inhaled its fumes immensely, to consume its soothing calmness. You can't overdose on lavender right? Or, can you...

Now I have my edible, fragrant, decorative, living lavender on my bedside table. Pretty soon it will start drying out, and when it does, I'll tie a string around its stems and hang it upside down. It's amazing the different reincarnations of lavender. The fresh kind serves as a gorgeous bunch of flowers, like a garden in your home and full of scent. Dried lavender has healing effects and relaxes the mind. Either way, lavender lasts.

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