Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To life or not to life? Lavender leaves - Part 1

It's like ripping off a band-aid, but not. If ripping off a band aid consisted of replacing a faded, scentless stock of lavender to a freshly dried and aromatic bunch, well then maybe so. You're thinking: what's the problem here? And, why all the oxymorons? I've been putting it off, is all I'm saying. My lavender sits on the windowsill in la toilette, which happens to be the sweetest spot for perching in my whole entire place. I keep it inside an old olive jar I never threw away and now I know why. I love that thingy, make-shift vase.

About a year goes by and I notice the lavender looks sad, drab and discolored. It's always a shame when the characteristic (color and scent, in this case) that both names and describes the item in question (dried lavender, in this case) ceases to be. No scent doth waft from la toilette anymore. I never thought when saying those words it would be a pity, but it's the truth: my lavender lost its life. Its second life, that is.

Now I know what you're thinking: you're ready for me to pull this blog post of a band-aid off. Let me just make my point. I never want to throw away the old bunch, you see? In the picture above, yes it's faded as cuss, but it still has its weathered charm and harvest moon appeal. And, just because it's not as beautiful, as youthful, or as vibrant as it once was, does that mean it deserves to be cast out to the dreaded compost bin?

Alright. Clearly I put it off for no good reason and I need to get a grip on reality...not to mention my attitude toward inanimate objects. I should be glad that I can easily replace a lifeless dried arrangement with another lifeless dried arrangement -- only the new one being a little less lifeless. Phew, happy to get that over with! Now do it with me:




Voila! That wasn't so bad :)

Visit back for soon for Lavender Leaves: Part 2, for a more painless (I promise), yet lively (just about), account of life with lavender. It's real as you and me!


  1. "faded as cuss"
    I love it.

    Lavender grows so easily in our yard. The bees love it. Also a smell I love. So soothing.

  2. mmm i can almost smell the lavender while reading this post. it's so fresh...
    xox alison