Friday, April 9, 2010

Setting the Tone

Can you smell it too? I walk past this jasmine everyday and bury my face in its sweetness. Always the same sense: divine scent. I had a new thought, though, yesterday. I just couldn't believe the aroma was natural. Aside from someone's hands planting it into the earth and giving it love, this flower exists entirely for nature, by nature. This morning in yoga, we were asked to think about the things in life we are grateful for. It was this blooming jasmine that came to my mind. It's my feelings of gratitude that reminds me this plant won't always be there. Or, now that I think of it, maybe its the other way around. The fact that it may or may not be there tomorrow, that it might not rain, or that, in a few months, it won't be in full bloom -- that is why I am grateful.

Speaking of gratitude, I am grateful for this past week when I tried to be as spontaneous, accepting and receptive as possible. The tone is set for openness and expansiveness. And without it, I probably wouldn't have gone last minute to see Patty Griffin at the Fillmore Wednesday night. She's one of my favorite living songwriters and definitely puts on a show that it not to be missed.

On the poetry front, I'm really looking forward to reading Laura Moriarty's new book A Tonalist. I came into work this week and there it was on my desk. So grateful...

Here's to long days, springtime and music.


  1. I am obsessed with this jasmine! i sometimes steal tiny sprigs of it when I see it and it makes my room smell delicious for days..I recently tried to plant some on my baucony but it died quite swiftly. Must try again before the season is over!

  2. jelly you got to go see patty. she's def the most played on my ipod, now and always. I've been stealing bunches of lavender branches from outside a restaurant I walk by on the way to my hostel. I can't go past without taking at least one! It's a problem.

  3. I have a really odd sense of smell, and these flowers are one of the few things I can reliably smell. The scent is incredible. There are a couple of houses near work that have jasmine planted in front - I go for walks on my lunch break, and it always amazes me when I turn the corner- the scent just hits you!
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog. The feeling is mutual:)
    Your new sweater is such a juicy color, and looks great on you with your beautiful dark hair!

  4. is it not the most delicious smell on the planet? sissys like the same flowers.

  5. i love this post, megan!

    now that i've graduated, i miss my poet friends who seemed to always be stopping to smell jasmine and the like. AND i also miss their continuous poetry collection suggestions. I really want to check out Laura Moriarty now. so thank you! once i've finished Given Sugar, Given Salt, it'll be next on the list!