Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jamaica Plain

Nothing is as comforting as arriving in a city at 6 a.m. (after a red-eye) and being picked up at the airport by a friend. My friends Jess and David are living in Boston right now and they were the first stop on my New England adventure. We've done this before. I get off the plane, Jess picks me up, we chat in her kitchen for 3 hours and then I pass out. This time was no different.

I awoke from my nap around 3 to the beautiful light in their apartment. Since it was a Thursday and they were both at work/school, I went for a jaunt around the adorable Jamaica Plain neighborhood. I was eager to see some foliage.

There is was! Staring me right in the face. That's one thing I miss so much about living on the east coast. The changing of the seasons.

At Jess' suggestion, I walked around Jamaica Pond. If I had a pond near my house, I would probably walk around it everyday! The water was so clear and calm.

Lots of people were running and walking, out and about on this gorgeous New England day.

Oh, ya, runners. On the second morning of my visit, Jess and I wandered around the Arboretum. I didn't realize you could leave California and still find big trees!

They were golden...

...and leaves were falling all around (can anyone tell I'm having a major Led Zeppelin moment?).

Color burst!

Love burst!

On my last night, we went to the Jamaica Pond lantern festival. Imagine hundreds of people walking around the pond holding these lanterns. The night glowed! Kids were dressed up like it was Halloween. At one point, some people took their lanterns out onto the pond in a row boat. I got my full autumnal New England experience.

Thanks Jess and David for such a magical visit!

xoxoxoxoxoBut come back to California soon, ok?xoxoxoxoxo


  1. looks like the perfect trip! I want to go!

  2. Beautiful photos. I miss the seasons so much too. It's very hard to dress in LA, drives me nuts sometimes. Wow - the colors are so gorgeous.

  3. This is beautiful! I love all the photos of the east coast gorgeousness, but my favorite is the one of you with your dear friend Jess! I miss her too!