Friday, October 7, 2011

Paris, Always

My parents just got back from Paris and I can't get enough of their stories. It's always been like that though. They're great storytellers.

In her early twenties, my Mom traveled around Europe as many young people do. When I was very little, I loved hearing these stories: about the Europe on $5 a day book, about her travels in Switzerland, and about a surprise visit by my Dad. At 21, she stayed at the Hotel Henry IV in Paris for 3 weeks, where the rooms cost $2.50 a day!!! (breakfast of a baguette, jam and coffee included, of course).

Anyway, they re-visited the hotel and sent the photo to me. I love that the place still stands, full of memories. But that's what Paris is all about, a timeless history. Here's my Mom in Paris (on their current trip):

I can't get over this photo! It's how I like to picture her there, in Paris, all those years ago. Smiling, happy, and beautiful. I haven't changed either. I still love hearing their stories.


  1. Meg, you have just made my day! I am so happy that you liked hearing all those stories. Paris is truly a place of timeless history and you made me see that by the little story you wrote today. What a good writer you are! xxx Mom

  2. What fun! I wish my parents traveled more!

  3. SO lovely! I dream of Parisian glad your parents had a chance to enjoy one of their own!

  4. Love this story. And how sweet that your Dad surprised your mom in Europe with a visit all those years ago.

  5. Sunday--you look fabulous in front of that class Parisian blue door! Love it!