Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October on the East Coast

Happy fall everyone! I know we're nearing the end of October, but I just experienced a burst of autumn on the east coast while visiting friends in Boston and Maine. With the foliage peaking and the Halloween decorations freaking (sorry, I had to!), I couldn't help but be in the spirit too. No one does Halloween better than New England. I scheduled my trip so that I'd be there at the perfect time for leaf-peeping (more to come on that), but I didn't even take into consideration the plethora of pumpkins, squashes and gourds I might see. Here's a sneak peak!

Autumn was everywhere in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston.

Locals schools get in the spirit.

Pumpkins on every stoop.

Often next to pots of flowers.

Gorgeous fall wreaths on gorgeous New England doors.

Cute window arrangements.

Chocolate stores go wild during the holidays.

Baskets of baby pumpkins.

Peppers make their way into many displays.

The South End neighborhood was big on decorations, too!

Up in Maine it was just as cozy. Halloween cookies at Big Sky Bakery on Portland.

On Saturday, we made a pumpkin pie!

On Sunday we made an Apple Pie! We reveled in the season and then we made it our own! Stay tuned for more pictures and stories from my dreamy trip.


  1. You are right, no one does fall like New England. Those images are so great. Love each one. The wreath and the door are really special. Love these photos!

  2. pumpkins galore! really love these photos - they are making me want to bake! xo

  3. how do you like being so beautiful and photogenic?

  4. so pretty!! would LOVE to go to the east coast right now. this LA weather just isn't "working" for me currently.

  5. If it weren't for your beautiful photos, i'd think this weekend was just a dream. It certainly felt like one. love you.

  6. happy fall! i've never experienced an east coast fall, but from what i see here, it's beyond! :)

  7. wait, alsooo: how did the pie-making go? They look gorgeous!!