Monday, October 31, 2011

Rattlesnake Mountain

One could say I don't like snakes. One could say I have a phobia. Others might say I fear them so much that I can't even utter their name and, instead, refer to them as "blanks" on the trail. So, last Monday, when Matt drove us out to Raymond, Maine, where we would hike to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain, my first question was: how did it get it's name?

I never found out. Probably because I was too mesmerized by the glory of fall that appeared to have fallen perfectly on that mountain just for us.

The hike was beautiful because we didn't have to wait for the summit to see the views. Oddly enough, the summit was more of a forest, a place to get lost and meander.

Long corridors of trees helped us find our way.

Golden leaves floating like ornaments.

Under our feet, the crunch of foliage.

Matt told me that the trees were hit by a fungus this year. You wouldn't know looking at these beauties.

Crescent lake in the distance.

Matt, the hero of the forest.

Me, insanely happy with a hiking stick.

Ah, to be in Maine...and luckily, we didn't see any snakes.


  1. I wish I could have heard the "crunch of fall foliage" under my own feet! Would that I were back in Maine, happily hiking with you two.

  2. How beautiful this was! So funny that you hiked Rattlesnake mountain given your snake phobia. Looks like it was a glorious experience!

  3. so glad rattle-blank mountain didn't live up to its name :) and what cozy pictures! i'm with sarah--can we all do that together? xo

  4. I have a huge snake phobia too. Somehow I'm attracted to snake rings and bracelets (although I haven't bought one) because I'm not sure if it would make me embrace the idea of snakes, or scare me more to wear it.

  5. Lovely! Man do I miss a cruncy foliage hike followed by hot apple cider. Sigh.

  6. I just caught up with your writings. What an epic October! I'll be thinking of you on my East Coast adventure--leaving tomorrow night!

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