Tuesday, February 14, 2012

12 Hours at Hurley

I'm always looking for ways to switch up my routine during the work week. It's embarrassing to admit but sometimes all it takes is deciding to go to an 8 pm yoga class (as opposed to staying home and watching hours of Dexter) or deciding against going to a 6:15 spin class (and baking banana crunch muffins instead). Going to a poetry reading on a Wednesday at 9 (instead of watching Modern Family) or taking an impromptu trip to Tartine for breakfast (as opposed to the usual, frantic grab and go from my fridge).

Last week, I did something even more radical than deciding whether or not to go to an exercise class (I know you're all on the edge of your seats here). I left work and headed up to Sacramento for the night, to stay with my friend Sarah. She lives and works on a farm up there. Remember Soil Born?

As I drove up the highway, listening to the new Lana Del Rey album (p.s. love or hate?) I was loving the freedom of the open road. Mostly, I was relieved not to be heading home as I normally do on a Wednesday night after work. Don't get me wrong: life in San Francisco is not blah or boring, but we all fall prey to our habits and routines. What better way to switch it up than to venture out of the city and into the state.

I arrived at Hurley Farm just after sunset and was greeted by these chirping friends:

As with every new pet, we spent a lot of time playing with them and watching them play with each other. And yes they are as soft as they look.

As I gabbed on and on about my life (it had been a while since we'd seen one another), Sarah prepared a farm fresh dinner for us. I admired her confidence in the kitchen (they've just moved into this new space only recently). She seemed right at home. Dinner was delightful and then we were all off to bed because it had been a long day for all of us and it was, in feeling rather than fact, a "school night."

After a restful night's sleep, I woke up to the sound of chirping birds and cracking eggs. Sarah mentioned the yokes were a beautiful orange, verging on red. Who needs the Food Network in HD when you have Hurley Farm 80 miles NE?

I went for a quick stroll around the farm to catch the sunrise. I needed to soak it all in. Sarah let me drink my coffee out of her special "farm" mug.

Morning moons are my new favorite thing. They're on their way out just as we're waking up.

More morning friends calling us to wake up.

Early morning skies change so fast. Going in and out of the day is such a special time. We can watch the beauty of change (a good reminder that not ALL transitions are bad).

Farm fresh breakfast before hitting the road!

Sarah sent me home with tomato sauce and apple sauce that she canned last year. She also gave me the most delicious oranges and grapefruits. I wish I could savor all the fruit, but it's too good not to eat. When I peel the oranges, they spray that mist into the air. The room is suddenly filled with a citrus scent and I'm reminded of Sarah's farm and the warmth that she creates with her hospitality.

As I drove back to the city, the morning soon became day and a blue sky surrounded me in my car. Back to Lana Del Rey, back to the Bay. Back to the routine but thankfully now I have new ways to jazz it up (that don't include an exercise class). Oh, I can think of another thing I like to do to spice up my life. Sometimes I'll go watch the Sunset on Ocean Beach. Maybe next time, I'll head north and watch it on the farm. Thank you Sarah for giving me this gift!

Tell me, what do you do to switch up your routine?

p.s. Happy Valentines Day!!! <3


  1. this is a cozy post! there's nothing like a farm fresh brekky.

    i love changing up my routine. i just got a new juicer and am trying to cut back on the black tea, so that's been an interesting change! i think it's so important to be spontaneous and "jazz it up" - i want to jazz it up with you! xo

  2. happy valentine's day! such a great post!

  3. This came at such a needed time for me. Balancing relaxation and routine, to learn that they don't equal each other. To jump off, to trust yourself... Thanks for sharing your moments of switching it up.

  4. Are baby chicks as soft as they look? Am I weird for asking?

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! i love the chicks!! i'm dying...

  6. Ahhh so beautiful! I love this! Nice nails, sissy!