Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mother Daughter Knows Best

I'd been waiting a while for this: my mom and I. Together! For a special weekend in SF. Just the 2 of us. Girls! Taking the city by storm, we partook in fine dining, we trekked up steep hills, we went to and fro. Yes, we got fro-yo and discovered sweet treasures in neighborhoods we never knew existed. We took care of business in terms of to-do lists: "hello" Apple store! "hello" Japan town hardware! Socks? Check! Catch an entire sunset from the waterfront? Check!
We were wild! I mean, we even bought matching shoes!

A Room with a View! We start the morning with coffee and orange juice in our hotel room.

At A16, our hearts skip a beat with one taste of the Maccaronara with ragu napoletana and ricotta salata.

We most certainly go to the Ferry Building farmer's market where we are greeted by a patch of pumpkins. "Welcome to Fall," they say!

Strolling through the corridor of vendors, we sip on hot chocolate.

This perfect season offers us two different shades of purple: grape and eggplant.

Whenever I call home, my mom always says: "Oh, hi, honey!" And since my granola recipe calls for the "good" kind, my mom thinks that I should try some Orange Blossom wild honey. And we throw in the fancy honey stick because, why not?

I wish I knew what I could make with these...

Greens Restaurant is an invitation to slow down, easing into night with a healthy vegetarian dinner. We enjoy the evening with local wine, Green Gulch farm goodness, and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. All night, we keep watch as it falls deeper and deeper into its sharp silhouette.

Okay pizza. You're a crazy good entree with your globs of pesto, cherry tomatoes, tenderly grilled red onion and corn. Your cornmeal crust puts us over the edge. You are to be finished. And never forgotten.

For dessert, we order a huckleberry galette with huckleberry ice cream. Our vegan server hasn't tasted it, but he knows we will adore. And we do!

And through it all, we won't stop talking and the sun won't stop setting. We're all just having too much fun...


  1. I was hoping, nay, yearning to see Sunday on the back of a tandem! Alas, it was not to be. Perhaps Scott will take up the cause.

  2. wow sissy. this is simply magical! love the pasta, the pizza, the honey, mommy's face and yours too! xoxoxo

  3. everything looks amazing. your mama is the cutest mama ever!!

  4. so sweet. pure. mama daughter love. makes me want a daughter and makes me want to be with me mums.