Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

With Halloween approaching, I thought it might be fun to have a pumpkin themed week on Poem, Sweet Potato. I mean, poem. Poem, Sweet Poem. Sorry, I'm just thinking about these amazing sweet potato cakes I had for brunch @ Universal Cafe yesterday. Okay, where was I???

Oh yes, theme. Pumpkins! Today's post is inspired by my visit to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning. After fueling up with goodies at Arizmendi Bakery (pecan roll, banana walnut muffin, coffee, chai, mmm) Liz and I headed over to 7th Ave and Lawton where we heard there might be some pumpkin patchin' happenin'. And there it was in the Inner Sunset, right next to the magical White Crane Springs community garden I've been to only once and dreamt of ever since. The Clancy Pumpkin Patch, which will be selling Christmas Trees before you know it, had more pumpkins than we knew what to do with. But we did manage to walk away with, or rather wheel away with (in our trusty wheel barrel), 6 medium sized pumpkins to carve. Naturally, this holiday necessity drew in quite the festive scene: cherubic babies in bonnets perched on pumpkins for photo-ops, kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes playing hide and go-seek around stacks of hay, and parents comforting tearful little ones: "it's okay, we're just going home for a little while and then you'll see your friend again at the party tonight."

It was too cute and only the beginning of a long pumpkin-filled day, which I'll share more of as the week goes on. But for now, enjoy this glimpse into the wonders of the patch and see why the little boy dressed as Max from "Where the Wild Things Are" was so sad to leave.

Even though it's a bunch of do's and don't (mostly don't's), there's something oddly lyrical about these rules. The rhyme between patch and paths and hands. And the abrupt, disorienting last line? "Watch out for gopher/holes." Pure poetry.


  1. I can´t WAIT to see pics of the photos you carve. I´m jealous (a little) of your autumn. But spring is pretty sick here, too. Love you, sicko. Read my blog--the new post is second!

  2. How did I just find your blog?! For shame. I have added it to my list to keep updated on it. I echo Sarah's jealousy of your autumn. And please carve a beautiful pumpkin for me.

    PS. I owe you a post card. You are first on my list but I haven't sent any yet. Soon, soon.