Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

My themed week continues with everyone's favorite autumnal treat, Pumpkin Pie. I just thought since we were going to the patch AND carving pumpkins AND most likely roasting the seeds, it was only appropriate to bake a homemade pie as well. Tony was on the same page and brought his delicious pie over to Liz's for the festivities (you'll find it directly below). I snacked on his while Liz and I made ours. Is that wrong???

Ours is to the left of the white wine. We worked together, with Liz making the crust while I made the filling. Liz took the opportunity to teach me how to make crust by hand as I'm a tad intimidated by dough. A natural multi-tasker in the kitchen, she spouted out tips here and there like she was on the Food Network. She was a great teacher and I came away from the lesson remembering the following: be swift, keep everything chilled to the bone and handle the dough as little as possible. Our pie was a hit and everything tasted great!

Check back throughout the week because I'll soon be revealing the results of our pumpkin carving! And other pumpkin related activities :) and...

* * *

Apologies for straying from the theme, but today (thanks again, Garrison) is Sylvia Plath's birthday. As a poet, she is a true inspiration to me. I read her groundbreaking book "Ariel" for the first time a year ago and it had quite an impact on me. I got on a real lyric poetry kick that hasn't seemed to fade away. She was a master of imagery, naked emotion and pacing. I read her poem Death & Co. aloud this morning. The last stanza gives me shivers:

"I do not stir.
The frost makes a flower,
The dew makes a star,
The dead bell,
The dead bell.

Somebody's done for."

Happy Birthday, dear Sylvia.

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  1. pies look amazing and i love the prop styling with the white wine, board, etc.

    also, amazing sylvia. xo