Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Something in particular that I liked about the film version of "Where The Wild Things Are" was the crazed nature of the wild things. They really were out of control and kind of a hot mess. In that sense, the wild things show us how to let loose. With their hair all over the place and runny noses, they really embraced rowdiness. Jumping on top of each other, getting all dirty and squished as a result. I loved that! Sometimes it good to get in touch with that part of yourself that doesn't mind falling out of place and into a wilder side.

Well, when we carved our pumpkins we weren't as unruly as Sendak's creatures, but we sure did get messy, as expected. We had all types of supplies, including a serrated knife called "the detailer" and a really handy scraper that got all the gunk off the pumpkin's inner walls. Free-handed and focused, we went for it and got creative.

When Liz pulled out the paint supplies, all bets were off. Tony was all about using colors and metallics to accent his pumpkin. I tried to give my pumpkin a handle-bar mustache but it turned into a curly-q top lip. It kind of reminded me of the villain's grotesque scar in "Pan's Labyrinth."

Say........pumpkin face!

Dustin and his menacing, gap-toothed pumpkin.

Liz and her curious, Picasso pumpkin.

Me and my wind-swept, aviator pumpkin.

Tony and his paparazzi, Gaga pumpkin.

Spicy seeds sizzle and roast in the oven, giving off fiery aromas, while we watch the fruits of our labors glow in the backyard.