Monday, July 25, 2011

Be Summer

Lately I've been drawn to the particularly fresh and carefree. Ideas, looks, and energies that evoke openness, freedom and possibility. I think, I want to be that - I literally want to feel what I see. So, why not?

I've been doing okay in that I'm finding it easier and easier to capture these moments, ingraining them into my heart - as sure as the beat.

It doesn't hurt that my weekend was full of beautiful people, places, and food. I watched as everyone around me created and transformed our living into still-life inspiration - a postcard to forever keep.

Be still.

Be all shades of rose. Be able to arrange.

Be in the earth. Be finding dirt under your nails. Be remembering where you were when you got dirt under your nails.

Be stepping into space. Be stepping on the ground. Be stepping into the space that you create. Be stepping into the ground that is limitless.

Be playful. Be relaxed. Be whimsical. Be lounging. Be summer. Be all of the above.

Having been there you might allow yourself to stay. Stay among the way you felt good. You think you might be needed elsewhere. But you're not.

Stay for the nourishment and the warmth. Stay for the plenty. You are meant to be here.

Staying being. Stay free.

Say to yourself: stay being with me.


  1. awwwww. once again. SO lovely!! and i would love to stay being with you!!

  2. Say to yourself: stay being with me.'s ultimate achievement, don't you think?

  3. Love have captured the essence of summer. We all want to be this carefree, you put it into beautiful words, once again.

  4. Beautiful, Meg. I read it at just the right time, too. Perfect.

  5. I'm staying! I'm not going anywhere. Here's to summer!

  6. summer summed up in simple, elegant words. thanks for sharing (:

  7. Something about flowers and cute sandals that just makes me wish I was there!

  8. This just made my evening. So beautiful and new. Love. (also want to eat that pizza now.