Friday, July 8, 2011

Six White Horses

Weekend inspiration, starting with music and song: Gillian Welch's newest album The Harrow & The Harvest. In one of those truly transformational experiences, I saw her and David Rawlings perform the whole album on Thursday night at the Warfield Theater. It's my current soundtrack.

Color, love and fashion inspiration: my sister Heather and her chic accessories. Photo from our Fourth of July weekend together in SF.

Relaxation, whimsical and leisure inspiration: street art on Valencia Street.

Coziness, new friendship inspiration: Joanna Williams. Photo via Jeana Sohn.

Below the ankle, summer inspiration: salt water sandals. Photo via A Cup of Joe by way of Fashion is Spinach.

And finally, food and fun inspiration: Amelia's attempt at Saveur's Strawberry Cake. Photo via Bon Appétempt.

We all need a little inspiration and we all need to have a little fun! I'm starting now. How about you?


  1. i love everything here. downloading gillian now. love you!

  2. Agreed. We all need a little inspiration and sometimes its very worthwhile to look in places that you normally don't. For example, I am very interested in that strawberry cake! And I also love those saltwater sandals. How cute. Those orange nails on Heather are very intriguing...You have inspired me to have an adventurous day!

  3. sissy! i love that you and joanna hung out in SF.
    have a great weekend!

  4. megan! i heart you. you are such a lovely woman and i'm so happy we got to know each other. YOU are inspiring. xoxo

  5. Me: jealous of your time with Welch and Rawlings (Sounds terrific!). You: inspired AND inspiring. xo

  6. what a terrific list of inspiration (and not just saying that b/c my cake made the list)! Was just thinking that about Heather actually--how inspired/gorgeous all of her various fashion combos are. Gillian Welch is great too! I must check it out as soon as i come up for air from my Robyn-only playlist obsession. ;)

  7. I saw those sandals and WANT them! I swear i had them as a kid.

  8. mmmmmmm...lovely inspiration(s)!