Friday, July 1, 2011

Three Babes

Alright everyone, it's time to admit: we're deep into summer. This means sunscreen, beach towels, a good book, late dinners and...PIE! For me, this summer is all about exploring new experiences in my neighborhood. Since San Francisco prides itself on stellar cuisine, it only makes sense that most of these experiences are of the food-based variety.

My latest discovery is the Three Babes Bakeshop, a pop-up pie-making company. They started up shop in the courtyard next to the Stable Cafe on Folsom Street in the Mission. Last Sunday, I biked on over to see what's up with the babes - and I'll tell you, there's nothing to cry about.

First of all, it was a beautiful day - warm, still and quiet and covered in a clear, blue sky. The perfect day to eat a delicious berry pie. After speaking with Katrina (one of the babes), I decided on Nectarine Blackberry Crumble Pie - 'tis the season, right? Nothing says summer like a fruit crumble, so why not bake that into a pie!? Also, she showed off their pies in a jar - small portions baked into little mason jars. YUM. Perfect for some on-the-go pie eating...

Their logo is like their pies: perfection!

Needless to say, this pie was so sweet and tasty - a delectable Sunday morning breakfast. While sitting on a bench, enjoying my slice, I thought how happy I am that the Three Babes came to town!

As for you all, SF folk: go get some pie! Everyone else: dream from afar! (or visit!). With the long holiday weekend ahead of us, it really should be filled like the jars and crust - with PIE!

Hope everyone has a nice little vacation, xo


  1. Yes to pie for breakfast! You find the best places to eat.

  2. Nectarine and blackberry would be my IDEAL flavor! And that logo is insanely cute. Can't wait to try! xoxo

  3. ooh, does that look good! Can we go there next time I visit?

  4. haha. i like poo's comment. i want to wear that pie!