Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh, Happy Days

What makes us happy? Love, health, friendship. A glorious sunset. The little things... person in a sea of books.

Observation...seeing people relax, while relaxing.

Variety...changing patterns, becoming the pattern.

Anticipation...waiting, holding back, going forward, getting there.

The brink...the best of both worlds.

Letting judgment, no shame, just fun.

...and my new favorite: Possibility.

Can you sum up (in a few words) what makes you happy?


  1. Community...connecting friends, feeling loved, adventuring together. (SO good to hear your voice last night, beautiful m! x)

  2. All of the above, and...meadows of mountain wildflowers, soft breeze in the Cottonwoods, long summer evenings, and just for you Megan, lunch or dinner at Cristina's!

  3. I love the last one! Possibility. Matt and I leave for vacation tomorrow morning, though, so I am also really connecting with "the brink." what an amazing word.

    See you next Sunday!!

  4. "Letting loose - no judgement, no shame"......Thank you for that.

  5. Inspiration, such as I am getting from this blog post! Love your ideas.

  6. @Sarah Jessee: Fun, Funky, New York? YES,NO,YES.

  7. Being Cozy. Cooking, reading, relaxing. Couples massage with sissy!

  8. traveling in far away places where every beautiful thing reminds you of your loved ones