Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bulk Up!

Most of the time, the only thing that brings me to San Francisco's Marina district is this:

"Can I please have a small vanilla with rainbow sprinkles"

Having grown up in L.A., I have frozen yogurt cravings in my D.N.A. It's a great afternoon snack, even though, let's face it, it's not really "food." However, I've been enjoying it since I was a wee-Malibu-lassie, only then, the above quotation was trailed by "and a chocolate chip cookie please."

Oh, ourselves as little!

Anyway, I don't get my fro yo fix too often in San Francisco. There aren't too many serving spots and those that do boast this tasty treat are often the strangest of places. Take the small yet clever liquor store on the corner of Union and Fillmore. I don't even know its name but I know that people line up for their flavors.

Yet, this post is not about frozen yogurt. Oh, it's not, you say? No. Something else brought me to my favorite Marina intersection this weekend. It was an establishment called Green 11. This charming cottage shop (which is hidden behind stores with storefronts) sells organic beauty and non-toxic cleaning products in large bulk containers. The practice of buying from bulk containers is a phenomenon I was pretty much ignorant to before I moved to the city. You can bring your own bottle and re-fill it with what you like? Yes! And it's environmentally friendly because you don't have to waste your old containers? Right! Everything becomes a little more useful, you will find. Green 11 has everything from laundry detergent to bath and shower gel to home cleaning supplies. It's easy! You just bring your empty bottles, pick from an array of deliciously scented products and fill-up!

My adventure begins! I followed little paw-prints to this refreshing hideaway, on an afternoon shaded by courtyard trees. I walked inside, feeling like a nursery rhyme character in search of the grail. All was well, chatting it up with the woman who worked there. And then, I learned such sadness! Green 11's adorable bungalow is closing!!!

Big frowns :( :( :(

Just when something seems so right, it falls dangling off the path. But then I heard the goodness! They have recently opened a new location on lovely Noe Valley's 24th Street, which is perfect because I live so close. Alas, there is a happy ending to this fairy tale. I can still bulk up with Green 11's offerings. Same stuff, just no fro-yo pit-stop!

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