Monday, November 16, 2009

Much Ado About Benedict

Check out how my Sunday morning brunch was taken to a whole new level. Liz made, yes homemade, this favorite breakfast specialty. Variations happened, primarily the switch from "bene" to "flo" as the cook is a proud vegetarian and I happily and healthily oblige. In fact, when it comes to ordering this dish off of a menu, I usually go Florentine because tomatoes, spinach, avocado (whatever they put on to spruce it up)--oh, so much more refreshing than bacon a la Canada. Home style, the impressive aspect of this preparation is the foolproof Hollandaise sauce and poaching the eggs without the messiness of a bad break-up. I can't attest much to what all went down in the kitchen (I was too engrossed in the Sunday NY Times Style section reading about LA teenagers who break into celebrity homes) however I can vouch for the richness and perfection. It tasted and looked like the real thing. Anyone can do it! So, much a-do!

Note: the recipe is from the Cook's Illustrated's Holiday Entertaining Issue (on newsstands now) but for some reason I can't find it online. Good luck in your search!


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