Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Låt den rätte komma in

In "Bright Star" (my favorite film thus far this year, aka: this year's "The Wrestler" and this year's "Diving Bell and the Butterfly") John Keats and his neighbor love, Fanny Brawne are limited when it comes to the expression of their love. He is a penny-less poet on the brink of death, yet she loves him despite discouragement from all sides outside their love. As a result, certain instances require they tap on the wall that separates their bedrooms in order to communicate. In the most tragic love stories it seems there is always some wall that comes between the lovers. Not the proverbial "wall" that once-hurt-and-never-to-love-again protectors put up for defense, but barriers against their will; that those involved must fight against.

In last year's Swedish vampire film, "Let the Right One In" a friendless young boy, Oskar, befriends the girl next door, who happens to be a 200 year-old 12-year-old vampire. Although Romantic poets and blood thirsty vampires have little in common (or do they?), my reaction to this film somewhat resembled my feelings toward "Bright Star." Similarities being: minimalist art direction and chilling cinematography. Story-wise: two people in love who can't be together. Not so off.

I have to stop though because there is one grand difference between the two cinematic experiences: "Bright Star" made me feel cozy, heart-struck and it made me swoon into a girlhood blush. "Let the Right One In" was horrific and upset me emotionally, and not necessarily because of the vampires or the violence. I was more upset by Oskar's loneliness. He is abused and humiliated at school--and it shattered my heart to see such a sweet, baby-faced boy treated in such a way. However, I recommend the film to everyone for its stark visuals and haunting pace, excellent screenplay. But once you're finished, you may have to lighten things up a bit with a little "Bright Star" if you want to warm your heart again.

Keats and his wall. Above, you will find Oskar and his.


  1. been leaning toward "bright star" + i'm diggin' this connection. now i will watch BOTH. lovely blog, meg. <3