Thursday, November 19, 2009

Letter in November

The Recipient

in response to "The Couriers" by Sylvia Plath

See the snail, its word
cross the vein of a leaf? The tree,
its leaf are yours.

Accept these genuine offerings
like bare skin
like seeded beds and dance
a ring around your own.

No one is golden
or shines like you and no
these are not lies.

If you let it or allow, your heart
can warm this frozen leaf you sprout
for every season.

If allowed, the leaf is yours to thaw
but quick!
before its many pieces scatter

before it cracks like broken glass-

(Photo courtesy of Smith's Mortimer Rare Book Room.)


  1. will you mail me a hand written poem on the bark of a maple tree?

  2. beautiful!!! i'm so glad you started your blog, megan. xo