Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A flutter to my pulse

Another fabulous Saturday night spend at Counterpulse. This time, 5 fantastic performances swept the stage. There was Bollywood, there were Greek shadow puppets and there were Guqin masters in the house. However, I found most impressive to be Prumsodum Ok. An artist, videographer and cultural activist who meditates on the language of Cambodian dance, Prum graced the floor with both stillness and raw emotion. His control, exhibited in flawless movements and exaggerated hand gestures, inspired the artist in me. I know nothing of dance or the video arts, but his performance proved something to me. That, although not all mediums speak the same language, they all have the power to inspire the day-to-day, to call up that urgency for craft and to ignite the creative in everyone. He floored me, he moved me, he swayed me. He danced with me.

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  1. Whoa, that's real talk. Wish I could've been there.